Ogg'resh Dot-Snaga

Half-Orc Bard, Sailor Background


Name: Ogg’resh Dot-Snaga, prefers Ogg
Race: Half-Orc
Languages: Common, Orc
Class: Bard. Aiming for Valor Bard. Prefers war drums and battle chants over singing in taverns.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s Tools, Water Vehicles, 3 instruments
Background: Sailor, crewman and battle chanter, can arrange for free passage on a ship for party
Music: Ogg’s iPod

Personality: Confident, Boastful, Has a chesire grin, Lives each day like a new day, Very protective of family and friends, Adventurous, Loves challenges.

Weapons of Choice Large drum on sling in left hand. Club in right hand to hit drum and hit enemies. Has a Cutlass as well. Has drumsticks for the drums.

Mother: Dura Dot-Snaga, orc
Father: Pavel Ravenhorn, human



Family History:

Pavel Ravenhorn was a poor fisherman in a small town of Velen in the Tethyr region. Despite his poverty, he was one of the most kind, generous, and adventurous men in the village. He was full of life. Once while out on fishing run, likely in the sea between Velen and the Nelanther Islands, he saved an orcish woman from drowning. Her name was Dura Dot-Snaga. They fell in love. He liked being with a strong woman. She liked being with a fair and smooth skinned man, who was quiet and kind-hearted. Dura had revealed that she had worked on an orcish sailing vessel when a storm had thrown her overboard. What she did not tell Pavel, was that she was really a servant to a pirate king (open to what race) and her name Dot-Snaga actually means Sea-Slave in a regional orcish dialect. She did mention that the crew may look for her and that Pavel should keep her hidden so Dura and Pavel could not be blamed for bringing a hoard of orcs to Pavel’s little fishing village. Pavel kept her existence in the village a secret as long as he could, living outside of the town.

They had a child together and named him Ogg’resh, but called him “Ogg” for short. His existence was also kept a secret as long as they could. When Ogg was just a few years old, a sailing crew had learned the whereabouts of Dura and came to claim her. Dura ran to the house, said heartfelt and tearful goodbyes, and left little Ogg with Pavel. She snuck out the back. Pavel had tried to prevent some of the orcs from breaking into his house, hoping it would help in Dura’s escape, but Pavel was no match for so many strong orc sailors and soldiers. Pavel was slashed across the face with a nailed club and had a leg sliced off by an orcish blade. Ogg hid until the orcs left, then went for help.

Pavel, left scarred and crippled, never saw Dura again. He made Ogg’s last name Dot-Snaga, to honor his mother, despite not knowing what it meant.


Growing Up:

Pavel never married. He had a hideous scar on the left side of his face and had a peg right leg as a result of the last night he saw Dura. He raised Ogg in Velen and continued being a fisherman, but was a shell of a man. He lost his joy and generosity, and could hardly support such a growing young half-orc. Any money Pavel did receive, he would put towards Ogg and Ogg’s future. Ogg became a skilled fisherman, athlete, and musician. Despite being a half-orc in a town of mostly humans and halflings, Ogg was well received. Despite only being 18, he was well-known in the small town.
Pavel knew that Ogg deserved more than what the small fishing village could give him. Around age 18, Pavel moved them to the larger port city of Athkatla, in the Amn region, saying goodbye to any hope of seeing Dura again.


Meeting Zaleika and Leaving to be an Adventurer:

They have moved into a small house right by the dock, on the cheapside of town. Pavel had put enough funding and made any number of deals to enroll Ogg into a Mage’s College. Ogg was only there a short time. He found it hard to focus. He didn’t belong in a classroom. He discovered that music did, however, allow him to focus. He switched to a Bard College by age 19. Ogg had no friends in the city when they moved. He was alone and started spending as much time at the docks as possible. There, he learned to enjoy his bardic powers, meet many fishermen and pirates and hear their stories, as well as learn some war tactics and war quotes from traveling navy forces. It is also here, about age 20, that he met Zaleika. She became Ogg’s only true friend. They would talk about their families, about magic, and about the stories they would hear from the sailors.

Pavel still owned his own fishing business, but was still barely getting by. Among the visiting sailors were merchants, bounty hunters, fisherman, and even pirates. Ogg noticed that Zaleika was becoming fascinated with the pirates; freely sailing the seas, answering to no one, and treating the crew as your own family. Ogg wasn’t too interested in the pirate life, but he sure did love those sailing songs. He would hum, sing, and shout along with the pirates. He could sense of festival of conviviality when the crew was together. Knowing Zaleika was interested in becoming part of a pirate crew, Ogg started teaching Zaleika a little about how to operate a ship and how to be a part of a crew.

After one emotional day, Zaleika had told Ogg that she was leaving for good and sailing away with the pirates that day. Not wanting to be alone again, and not wanting to Zaleika to find herself in harm’s way, Ogg quickly gathered his things and joined her. He left a note for his father outside the door, and climbed about the ship that would take them away. He was hoping to see his father, but Pavel must have been out fishing.

Ogg was in tears as they sailed away. He could only imagine how his father would react to the note. For a few weeks, Ogg’s smile was only masking the pain and sadness he was feeling in his heart.

Preparing for Curse of Strahd

Eventually, Ogg and Zaleika, or Lei as she preferred, give up the life of piracy. Details are still being prepared to explain this transition. Perhaps they just slipped away. Perhaps there was a mutiny separating the erratic, bloodthirsty pirates from the reasonable, free-spirited pirates.

Meta Information for the DM:

1. Ogg believes the note made it to the father, but perhaps it didn’t. Perhaps that note was blown away by the wind and fell into the ocean. If so, Pavel has no idea where Ogg disappeared to at this point. You can decide if it ever gets found, and by who. Maybe something sinister brews from this note.
2. Certain pirates may not recognize Ogg by appearance, but his last name Dot-Snaga may be recognized. These could be slavers, but it’s a way you can tie in the mother if you want.
3. Pavel has now had 2 family members disappear and never come back. His only two hopes in life were gone forever. I posted what I wanted with Pavel. Feel free to make changes to personality from what happened or storyline if you want Pavel to have a secret past as well, as long as they match up with what I put. I can see Pavel taking dark paths due to sadness or anger. I can also see him setting up a rescue somehow.
4. Ogg and Lei were pirates. The crew could be hunting them. Perhaps they were deserters or they know where a certain treasure was buried.
5. The town of Velen has a history of ghosts and other undead monster attacks, and is sometimes eerily foggy and misty.

Ogg'resh Dot-Snaga

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