Curse of Strahd

The House in the Mists, Part 3


We’re still locked in what I think is a living house. I don’t really understand how this house works, but it changes and reacts to what everyone does. And really weird things live here. I’ve seen more shapeless beings here than I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Which really isn’t surprising, given I’m not that old. But still. I don’t understand why they all seem to want to hurt us. We’re just trying to leave!

Maybe it’s this place. It’s kind of depressing. The sun doesn’t shine, and there’s mist and clouds and crying, and scary things keep coming out of nowhere. Like the last group of wispy ghost creatures. We all came into a room full of skeletons and other bones, and there was a strange pair of statues in the middle of the room. Eventually, we recognized the taller statue – it was supposed to be Strahd, the creepy ruler of this land that keeps popping up and bothering everyone. Oh, and trying to take Ireena (you’d think he would just take no for an answer). There was also a stuffed wolf next to him – the wolf was dead, but it looked like it was alive, and it reminded me of Valen. I miss exploring the countryside with him. It doesn’t feel right to have a wolf exist and not exist, so I put the stuffed version to sleep. However, the house didn’t like that, and sent thinly veiled… spirits? ghosts? to stop me. There were a lot of them, and we were already tired. I managed to convince one that the fire was an accident, but the others wouldn’t listen very well. Maybe I need to concentrate harder? These spirit things seemed to suck the life out of some of us; I don’t think we should let them touch us if we see any more of them.

Anyways, after those dissipated, Jillian went and checked over the Strahd statue. She found a silver orb that could shape itself into whatever we thought about, which is both fun and scary. She thought of money, of course. Lei made the orb take the shape of a really cute old dog named Chester (Ogg doesn’t seem to like him). Ireena didn’t seem to make much of it, and I don’t think Teldorthan knew how to make it work, but the orb really likes Lei, and I think it’s going to stay on her arm for awhile!

Anyways, speaking of Jillian – she is really getting on my nerves lately. She’s managed to get herself in trouble with the group because she couldn’t resist trying to steal from Teldorthan. I can’t believe she would even do that since she never steals from people who give her food, and she really likes his cheese. Sometimes, she just can’t help herself, which is fine most of the time when it’s just her and me, but we’re gonna need everyone if we’re going to figure out how in faerun to get out of this house, much less figure out where we are. Anyways, she’s been short and snippy with everyone (me included), she treats Ogg like he exists to help her, and she openly talks about stealing or thieving, which is NOT how we do things at all. We’re supposed to only take from bad people in secret, but she seems to always want to take from anyone, and that’s just not right. Like last night – we heard Ogg tell a really great pirate story about an island that lives on the back of a dragon turtle! Apparently, the island moves around, and no one really knows where it comes from or where it goes, or even when it will appear, but there’s a rumor going around that there’s treasure on the island – a hand statue that will turn anything it touches into gold. It was a fun story, and I had interesting dreams about it, but I woke up to find Jillian bothering Ogg about it. She was pressing him for details (touching his face!), and he hadn’t even made it out of his bedroll yet! Before I knew it, I had pulled her into the corner and started telling her off (in our language, of course). I felt a little bad that I embarrassed her in front of everyone, but she needed to know that her behavior isn’t ok. It’s not very… well… her. She was taken aback, but she did apologize to Ogg, so I guess that’s a good start. Anyway, gotta take care of some business before we start the day. I really hope we can find our way out of this house soon!



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