Curse of Strahd

Heads Will Roll!

The Mummy's Lair

Yeah, we turned those mummies into mummy-dust!
So, after coming down a bit from the fight-high, I noticed Teldorthan messing around with some levers on an alter-looking thing. Then Lissie went over and messed with them – did she say something about trees? – and it seems like it worked because there was a rumbly noise from the direction we came in. Naturally we ran toward the noise, and Teldorthan was still running super-fast from my spell (I kinda like that one). He was so fast that by the time we got back to the main room, he’d run and grabbed a chest with a coin in it and met us back there! Then he started muttering about cursed floors and I worried about the coin, but then he seemed fine and un-cursed, so I guess the treasure wasn’t cursed this time.
We went to the cursed-floor room – which apparently means a sinking-sand floor! How cool! – and Jillian did this epic vault off the floating chest to grab the torch on the wall, push off the wall, and jump back. Well, she didn’t quite make it out of the room, but Teldorthan pulled her out before anything bad happened, so the awesome jump was totally worth it.
Then we found the loot! There was this whole room full of gold and jewels and stuff. I found this nifty shell-shaped ring with a pearl inside. I think Mama will really like it when we finally get home so I can send it to her.
Coming off the treasure room, there was a hallway with giant swinging blades. I could tell Ogg was as excited about it as me, because he dashed off through the hallway, darting and dodging the blades of doom, just like one of those swashbuckling heroes from the tavern stories. I started melting the blades down with some acid, but I only got one before Ogg yelled that the fight was starting without us! Then Teldorthan was charging down the hall through the blades, and Ogg was making swirly patterns in the air, and there were two Jillians, and I threw some fire, and there was a sand storm, and things were really getting fun. Ogg tied the biggest mummy up with his shiny new rope, and tossed a glass ball in my direction – the signal for the Cannonball Crush! The ball flew across the room, slammed into the big mummy’s head, and knocked it clean off as the ball shattered! His head rolled halfway across the room before it stopped! The other four weren’t so bad to deal with either. Ogg threw their leader at them, Lissie got in a really impressive thwack or two with a mace, Jillian double-teamed them, and Teldorthan stabbed them with a weird fancy trident he found.
Then, all of a sudden, I was in a big empty desert with a square hole pressed into the ground. It looked about the right size for the pyramid Jillian threw up, but before I could think more about it, I was back in the fight and Jillian was throwing shadows and Ogg got some good hits but looked kinda shaky, and Lissie seemed to stop a hit in mid-air, and so I burned the ones who were left, and then Lissie finished them off with a ker-thunk!
I found a great gong to put on the top of the pyramid. If the sun ever comes out around here, it’ll shine off that gong brilliantly, and attract all kinds of attention. Teldorthan also found a sparkly shield, and gave the trident to Ogg, which was really nice of him, especially with it being a sailor-y symbol and all.
Jillian brought the big mummy’s head out with us to show off to the guards, and she tried to sell it to them, but they’d only pay 100 gold, and they also wanted any treasure left in the pyramid (since it’s in their city and all I guess).
We had to go get Ogg’s arm healed by a guy named Nilus, ‘cause it seemed really bad and Erwin said Nilus was good at that kind of thing. And he must be, because it worked!
The others did some business-y stuff around town, but eventually they came back for the important part, where we celebrated our victory over the pyramid and that we’re still alive! A band called Semil & The Rapscallions played some epic music for us, and the night was filled with drinking, dancing, and stories.
Next…The Windmill!



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