Curse of Strahd

Ogg Journal, A Festivus for the Rest of us!

The Festival Morning

I have a permanent tattoo
But it’s not visible on flesh
It’s a scar on my heart
The place you cut best

Does Jillian not understand how evil works?! We are already dealin’ with this Dark Lord Strahd, and Jillian goes and invites this evil Imp thing into our crew. I had to go cancel out this evil with some good, so I went and gave myself a tattoo of Helm for protection. I’m not gettin’ cursed cuz of the angry small one.

Teldorthan and I missed a bit of the festival this mornin’. I was workin’ on the tattoo while Teldorthan drank and spoke to the bartender. He had to deal with the Lady Feona thing yesterday, so he was likely keepin’ his cover. We heard Lissie’s voice in our heads screamin’ for help. Teldorthan and I raced to the festival. We saw games that I’ve seen in Mintarn. I ran passed a ring toss game, a blade toss game, and a bean bag toss game to join the crew standin’ by the dunk tank. When we arrived, I saw a snake thing in the pool, and went straight to attackin’ it. Jillian and Lissie just yelled and me and Teldorthan for helpin’, I was super confused. Lissie acted like she wasn’t in danger, but then why did she scream in my head from half the town away? Well it seemed the ruckus attracted the town guards, but Jillian talked her way out of trouble. She even got one of the guards to sit on the dunk tank, so you can guess what we had to do.

After calmin’ down a bit, I had Lei show me some of the games. Teldorthan tried to hide from someone, not sure why. But he went next to a stone wall and actually stepped into it! I’m not sure if it’s a dwarven thing or a rune magic thing. When lookin’ to see who he was hidin’ from, I saw the famous toymaster Blinski. I went to get an his handscript while the others started gettin’ some food. Turns out, some of the games gave meal tickets. Jillian ended up with a lot of meal tickets. To celebrate the festival, I think the Festival of Sunshine or Festival of the Rising sun, some vendors were out with special goods. Even the Boar’s Belch was s’pposed to have some fancy swill later today. But here, to celebrate the Morning Lord, we had wolfkabobs, corn, and sparklin’ juice.


We then were called to the center of town for an announcement from the Burgermaster of the town. I wonder if he has any news of Irena. He was s’pposed to keep her safe once we arrived, but we never got to actually meet him. I want to make sure she is safe. I know what you’re thinkin’, that she can take care of herself, and I know that she can. But this Strahd chap was, dare I say, hell-bent, on datin’ her. The last town tried to protect Irena and the Burgermaster was killed. What will change this time? I may be paranoid, which I usually am, but I seem to be the only one in the group that is worried about this. I think Teldorthan thinks I’m in love with Irena or somethin’, but I’m not. Yes I am attracted to strong women, but it’s mostly that fightin’ spirit that I like. This is why I tend to like women AND men for such a spirit. It’s why I fell for Patch. And I admired Lei from the start because she was fearless. Far braver than I could ever be.

“Roses are red,
I’m going to bed.”



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