Curse of Strahd

Ogg Journal, Best Pies in Barovia:

The Windmill Wickedry

“At last, my arm is complete again.”

Between necrotic bruises, mummy rot, and curses, I should learn to be less reckless. Booze and Bravery could be the death o’ me. Thank Tymora for good fortune! This new golden scale mail is wonderful! I feel like a true water warrior of Eadro. Tel found a cool magical trident for me as well, mmmcomplete with the strength of Shiva herself. Well… I know I’m blabbin’ about my new treasure, but… pirate. I’ll have to check what booty Lei scored as well. Perhaps we will have a hero’s welcome when we return to Amn, for we now have the look to match.

Speakin’ of booty, I haven’t been able to keep Tel from my thoughts. His image splashes into my mind like a cool, ocean mist. I’m not sure what will become of this, but I mustn’t forget my voyage.

I joined the others as Jillian and Lissie were speakin’ of a “Henry.” I’m startin’ to think Henry is another boy they saved from the pie woman. Or they are plannin’ some sort of heist. They sure do love to plan heists, whatever those are. They are much too clever for me. Today we plan a trip to this windmill that Jeffrey speaks of. I keep his picture with me to remember my next voyage, just as I keep my treasure map close to remind me of my ultimate voyage. Flowerpot told the group she feels she knows lightnin’ bolt! A true force of nature! Tel went to go buy a horse and a wagon for his new treasure. Can’t very well keep it under his bed! That’s where monsters are!

As I joined the others after breakfast, Lissie was starin’ at the horse. She’s done this enough that I hope she was tryin’ to speak to it. Helm protect us if she turns out to be a crazy killer. She has been speaking in weird tongues and killin’ fish. I went back to give Jeffrey some drawin’ papers before we set horse sail. Jillian and Lissie kept talkin’ about how bad parents they are, i guess cuz they didn’t give that Henry kid some drawin’ papers. I kept my mouth shut, but it must be hard to try to raise a kid that’s taller than you. I know my pops had a tough time when I could out wrestle him at age 14. To be fair, he does have a peg leg. Gruumsh damned pirates.

I had a chat with Teldorthan about the new trident. When he handed it to me, he said the common word “barnacles.” The trident has an orcish script that translates “Barnacles are best dealt with through rough waters.” How… How could he know? Does his rune magic give him special insight? If I had such a gift, I would finish my final voyage as if Umberlee, the Bitch Queen herself, pushed my ship. In the end, Teldorthan didn’t even know what a barnacle was, which is a shame, because Goose Barnacles are delicious!


Anyway, we arrived to the windmill and were greeted by a woman making pies. They were the best pies I have ever smelled! I had to be strong. Lissie and Jillian said that Jeffrey was sold for a pie. I assume Henry was as well. I must not eat any of these pies, even if my stomach churns harder than a whirlpool. I tried to complain about the cost. Eventually, I had to turn away to resist, actin’ like I had somethin’ in my bad. I whispered to Jillian not to eat the pies, but she seemed frozen. She loves food, so this must have been the worst for her. But after I saw a second Jillian jump out a window screamin’ “Save me, Lei!”, I realized I was speakin’ to a blasted mirage. Lei tried to catapult a pie to the woman’s face, but the woman turned into an old hag and evaded it.

The hags let loose a green monster dog on us, which let loose a monster of a fart. It lingered for quite a while. The hags were no match for our crew. We bested them and looked for captive children upstairs. We found a little girl named Sarah, but we had also found what we assumed to be children’s bones.

We thought we were done here, but Easy D Strahd showed up. I blacked out for a bit and woke up at the bottom of the stairs, with the small angry one slappin’ my face over and over. Jillian said Strahd was now downstairs. She and I went out the window she busted out earlier. Strahd was already flyin’ away though. This marks twice that he flew away without an actual fight. I wonder if he’s like those dolphins that follow a ship, just for curiosity sake.

Jillian claimed to cleanse a ritual stone by the windmill. I hope this means Jeffrey, Henry, and Sarah are safe now.

“Quick, sir! Run and tell!
Warn ‘em all of the witch’s spell!
There it is, there it is, the unholy smell!
Tell it to the Beadle and the police as well!
Tell ’em! Tell ’em! Help! Fiend!
City on fire!



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