Curse of Strahd

Ogg Journal, Werecrows and Scarecrows:

Lissie makes new friends

“For when he’s guards the ripening crop,
Keeping all the crows at bay.
He looks quite harmless, even funny,
On a bright and sunny summers day.”

Less detailed entry tonight cuz Lei and I stayed up too late partyin’ with the townsfolk. We headed back from the winery today. I would have loved to own that winery and become the new Wizard of the Wine! But that ship sailed when the owner returned. This murder of crows flew in and turned into these bird… people… I s’pose they were Wereravens, callin’ themselves the Order of the Ravens. Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

They ‘companied us back to town. On the way, we passed some scarecrows. I spent most of my life on water, so I don’t see such things often, but as Yondalla as my witness, they still scare me shitless. Lissie wasn’t bothered by them, though. She went to befriend them. I saw the scare-creatures attack her and went to help her. Lissie was upset, though, cuz she said she was wrestlin’ with them and they were her new friends. One of the straw beasts looked me in my eye, and it seemed to reach into my soul and deepest nightmares. I saw the sky go as black as the deepest sea. I know it seems impossible to make Barovia darker and scarier than it already is, but somehow it happened. I think everyone but Lissie experienced the same thing. It seemed like the straw beasts were tearin’ at our souls as they slashed our faces as well.

Before the last one was torn apart by Teldorthan, it created more nightmares in my mind. This time, the scarecrow turned into Cap’n Howland Grimm. My true nightmares were relived as the sea of corn and wheat turned into the actual sea. The road we were on turned into the deck of The Stormcrow. My friends turned into the crew of the ship. The crew was gathered on the port side of the ship. Patch Adams, my love, was bein’ forced to walk the plank. Grimm was givin’ Patch one last chance to become cursed and to stop his little mutiny. Patch looked at me, refused, and was pushed off the edge. My world ended that day. In my new nightmare, Grimm then forces Lei to walk the plank as well. Grimm then looks at me and smiles, sayin’ I’m next. The nightmare sudd’nly ended as Grimm’s head was separated. I see Teldorthan cleave Grimm’s head off as Grimm becomes the scarecrow again.

When we got back to Valaki and the Boar’s Belch, we unloaded lots of wine from the winery. A celebration followed for the rest of the evenin’. Lei and I led the party with song and dance. Lissie was still upset that we destroyed her new friends. I saw Jillian speakin’ to some well-dressed servant. I only heard the words “proposition” and “Lady Feona” before I started the next song. Later, I saw Jillian head up to Teldorthan’s room for a bit before angrily heading toward her own room.

When the party died down, I spoke to Lei about Patch. We need use this map we stole from Cap’n Grimm and go destroy the rest of the cursed treasure before Grimm and his crew can do more harm to others.

“But now the fields lay cold and bare,
And threatening skies loom overhead.
It’s me that he frightens now.
His silhouette, fills me with dread.”



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